Ep 50: What I've Learned About Podcasting

podcast podcasting Mar 30, 2022

Welcome to episode 50 of Marketing In 10. Today, I'm going to talk about everything I've learned so far in the world of podcasting.

Hey, everybody. This is Jim Lastinger. Welcome to Marketing In 10. It certainly doesn't feel like this should be episode 50 already. It kind of simultaneously feels like it's been forever since I started the show, and then it also feels like it was just yesterday. So today's episode is going to be short and sweet, but I want to talk through a few lessons that I've learned since I started the podcast.

First of all, you don't need a lot of expensive equipment to start a podcast. I literally started this show with an old Blue Snowball microphone that I already had in place. And it sounded really horrible at the start, but it got the job done. And even if you have an expensive microphone to start off with, you're probably going to use it incorrectly, like I have, and that you'll still have poor sound quality. So once you get a few shows under your belt and know that you'll continue recording episodes well into the future, that's probably when it makes a little bit more sense to invest a little bit of money and get a better mic. Right now, I'm using the Shure MV7 mic that's made for podcasters and really like that. Just easy to use and it's worked really well for me. Certainly an improvement over the old Blue Snowball.

The next thing I've learned is that you really have to market your podcast. So if you're a new show, just like I have been, you have to assume that no one's going to listen to you at first, no matter how good your content is. You'll have to spend as much time marketing each episode as you spend creating it, if not more.

Right now, my marketing process is something like this. I send out an email blast to my mail list the day that each episode comes out. I use the Headliner app to create videos for each episode. And I put a link for Headliner in the show notes so you can take a look at that. I really recommend it. I use Canva just like pretty much everybody else does to create images for each episode. Then I post everything to all my social channels, YouTube channel. Finally, I use Rev.com to create a transcript of each episode so that I can create a post over on the website at jimlastinger.com. So my marketing process is still fairly limited. And I know I need to be doing a lot more than I have so far, but time hasn't let me get to that point yet. It's a constantly evolving process as it should be.

So the next thing, make sure that you put your episodes out on a very consistent basis. So if you're a weekly show, then make sure you put out a new episode every single week, preferably on the same day each week. It kind of helps you get into a cadence where you know what you need to be doing for your podcast each day of the week. That just makes it much more likely that it's actually going to be done.

And also, something that I've started doing over the last several months is I highly recommend recording your episodes in batches. So Marketing In 10 is just me and a microphone. I don't do guests on this show, so I don't really have to work around anyone else's schedule. And that lets me record three or four episodes at a time. If you only have to commit one day a month to recording your episodes, then you're much more likely to get that done than if you have to find an afternoon for recording every single week, for example.

Finally, I definitely recommend you hire a producer. I was able to find a great producer over on Fiverr that takes care of everything for me and does an infinitely better job than I could ever do for myself. So shout out to Alex. I'll put a link to Alex's profile in the show notes if you want to work with him, definitely recommended.

And as usual, I'll have show notes and transcript available at jimlastinger.com/50. So please take two minutes to rate and review the podcast. That will help me greatly. I would appreciate that. And that's it for this week's episode of Marketing in 10. I'll be back soon with another episode. Take care. Have a great day.

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