Ep 45: Facebook Ads Funnels

Feb 23, 2022

Facebook ads can be intimidating for new advertisers, so today I'm going to try and demystify the process of building funnels inside your Facebook ads account.

Hey everybody, this is Jim Lastinger. Welcome to another episode of Marketing in 10, where we cover a specific advertising or digital marketing topic every week and try to do it under 10 minutes or less. Today I'm going to be covering a very important topic in the world of Facebook ads, and that is the concept of funnels.

A marketing funnel is a system of showing your ads to different people at different steps in their buying journey. And as you've probably heard several times before, it takes a new customer several times to see or hear about your brand or your brand name, or see your content before they're confident enough to actually make a purchase from you, and a Facebook ad's funnel is a great way to accomplish that brand awareness.

First let's do a quick refresher on Facebook ads. Facebook ads are primarily used for reaching out to cold audiences. Google Ads is the opposite. It's intent-based advertising, where people are actively searching for the product or a service that you provide. On Facebook you're going to be targeting people solely based on their interests or demographics.

Let's think about a funnel like this. You have your new people who have never heard of your brand, let's call them a cold audience, and then you have people who have heard of your brand or interacted with you in some other way, and those will be called a warm audience.

Right there you can see a very simple funnel starting to take place. You start off by showing your ads to a cold audience, and then once they have interacted with you or your content or hit your website, then they move into the warm audience. As they begin to move their way from the top of the funnel, that cold audience campaign with a lot of viewers, down to the bottom of the funnel, where the warm audience campaign is with far fewer people, so you can kind of see that funnel shape take place. That's two different campaigns with two different types of audiences.

The cold campaign targets people based on their interests or demographics. The specifics will be a little bit different for each company, but targeting people that aren't familiar with your brand. You can build custom audiences based on those interests or demographics that you're looking for, and then enter those directly in the ad set settings. The warm campaign targets people that have clicked through to your site or interacted with your ads from the cold campaign. So you would build this audience in your audience manager inside Facebook ads, and then you would add that re-targeted audience in your ad set settings. That's a very basic two-step funnel, so two-layer funnel with a campaign for cold audiences and a campaign for warm audiences.

You can make this as complex as you like. I usually like to start with two steps, but you can easily add a third level. For example, you could add a hot campaign that targets people who have interacted with your brand multiple times or visited in the last two days, anything like that. There are countless ways to set that up.

One of the keys is to think about what kind of ads you want to show at each step in the funnel. For a cold campaign, you want to catch people's attention and introduce them into your product or service. You'll provide more educational kind of content down the line. So the key here is to make a good first impression. For a warm campaign, you'll want to show more about your product or service. You'll try to speak directly to the buyer and explain how you can help them with their wants or needs. I'm a big fan of behind the scenes videos that explains how your products are created or your process is put into place. Those things are always a good idea.

A different type of warm campaign would be showing testimonials or reviews from previous customers. Those are always well received. None of these things are hard and fast rules, so experiment with several different types of ads and different types of content to see what really resonates with your audience.

There you have it. Those are the basics for building your first Facebook ads funnel. If you've never tried a funnel approach to your ads, I definitely recommend giving that a go as soon as possible. It typically works for just about everybody, so definitely give it a go.

I'll have some show notes and a transcript available at jimlastinger.com/45. And as always, I'd appreciate it if you take a minute to rate and review the podcast so that I can continue to grow and get more people and help more people, which is my ultimate goal.

I have a bonus for my listeners. I've created a free guide that shows you exactly how to manage your Google Ads accounts in just 30 minutes a week. This is the exact process that I teach my coaching clients, and includes everything you need to run a profitable ad account. You can download this for free at jimlastinger.com/guide. That's jimlastinger.com/guide. I'll have a link to this in the show notes.

That's it for this week's episode. I'll be back soon with another episode of Marketing at 10. Until then have a great day. Take care.

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