Ep 4: Non-Branded Search Campaigns in Google Ads

campaigns google ads podcast search Jun 03, 2020

Today on Marketing In 10, we’re going to be talking about non branded campaigns and Google ads. So, non-branded campaigns are the revenue generating engines for your site. So, I want to make sure that you’ve got them organized in the best way possible. Let’s talk about it.

So, first of all, let’s talk about what I mean by branded and non branded campaigns. So, branded campaigns are campaigns that look for people who know your brand name. So, if you were Nike, for example, then people searching for anything Nike related would fall into a branded campaign. What we’re going to be talking about is non branded campaigns.

So, these would be people searching for things like running shoes, athletic wear, et cetera, without a specific brand name. These are potential customers. So, people that are looking for your products, but might not know that your brand exists yet. So, it’s absolutely critical that you get in front of those types of searchers.

Let’s start off talking about the account structure that I recommend every advertiser have. And this is specifically for eCommerce stores. I’ll start off by talking about the different campaigns that I think everyone should have, every store.

So, you’ll have your search campaign. You’ll have a search campaign for branded keywords and you’ll have a search campaign for non-branded, which is what we’re talking about here today. You’ll have one or more smart shopping campaigns, and sometimes you’ll have a remarketing campaign and or video campaigns. But what we’re going to focus on today is that non branded search campaign.

And the way that I like to approach these, is I like to have a bunch of ad groups all around single keywords. So, not quite SKAGs or single keyword ad groups like you see in AdWords strategies everywhere, but mine is a little bit different in that I use broad match modified, instead of exact match. So that’s what makes mine not quite as SKAG. So we’re still kind of broad, using broad match modified so that we can catch a lot of different ways that people search for our individual products, but we’re keeping the keywords in their own ad groups so that we can write really good, really relevant ad copy for each of those broad match modified keywords.

So, depending on how many different products and product lines you have, you might end up with something like 25 different ad groups. For larger stores it might be 50 or even more ad groups. So, my process has a little bit more ad groups than you might would see from a typical AdWords campaign or Google Ads campaign. But I find that having the ad copy be really relevant is helpful.

So, the idea is that you’ll see which keywords get the most traffic, generate the most sales, etc. And once you find really profitable high volume keywords, then you can move those into their own campaign and start using exact match keywords at that point, so that you can really control at a fine level, the ones that are going to bring in the most sales.

So, a few good general rules of thumb for this kind of campaign structure:

  • You always want to try to have at least two different ad copies running in every ad group.
  • If an ad group doesn’t get any impressions over a 90 day period, then probably you can pause that ad group. That’s not going to do you any good and it might, overall, harm your high level quality scores.
  • And always try to make sure that you’re showing on page one. So when you see that notification that says you’re below page one bid, I like to always try to make sure that I’m on page one, unless, really the campaign is limited by budget or the cost per clicks get really high, like $10 plus, which happens sometimes.

That’s all for today’s episode. Take a look at the show notes for this episode and I’ll write out my recommended campaign structure there just to make it easy for you. I’ll be back soon with another episode of Marketing In 10, where we’re going to be talking about Shopify stores and what to do when your store isn’t generating sales. Until then, take care guys.

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