EP 20: How To Do An SEO Backlink Audit

audit backlink podcast seo Oct 20, 2020

Today, we’re talking about backlinks and SEO, specifically what to do when you have spammy and potentially harmful backlinks. https://www.replicaswiss.me/

Hey, everyone. Jim Lastinger here. Hope everything’s going well for you. replica de relojes

This week, we’re going to talk a little SEO, and we’re going to talk about backlinks, one of everybody’s favorite SEO topics. As your site grows, you’re going to notice that you get less than stellar quality backlinks. It happens to everybody. Every site gets these spammy backlinks. It seems to more quality backlinks you have, you’ll see the number of spammy backlinks increasing along with that. fake rolex kaufen www.swiss-watches.xyz

A spammy or low quality backlink is a backlink that comes from sites that just look bad. They don’t have much content. They have lots of links to other sites. Maybe it’s just a site that is literally nothing but a bunch of links. Maybe they have a strange TLD, top level domain, something like a .ru. Those are usually a bad sign. Look at things like that. These are links that probably aren’t going to give you any benefit, because most of time they’re low quality domains that have a low quality score. It’s just not to whole lot of good for you. www.linkreplicawatches.com linkreplicawatches.com

The big question is whether or not these types of backlinks are actually harmful for your SEO. We don’t really have a lot of guidance directly from Google, so we’re really guessing here. In years past, it was definitely the case that competitors could do what’s called negative SEO and build a bunch of spammy back links to your site. Theoretically, this would impact your rankings, because it would look like you’re trying to build links unnaturally with low quality backlinks. It’s not clear that this tactic works anymore. It’s likely that Google probably ignores these kinds of links now. As opposed to having it negatively affect you, they’re probably just ignored. But again, Google’s fairly unclear on this issue. www.watchessaleoutlet.com

I think it’s rather unlikely, at this point, that spammy backlinks will hurt your SEO efforts, but you can still take action to help make sure that’s the case. You can do what’s called disavowing backlinks. Disavowing a backlink is where you’re explicitly telling Google, or other search engines, that you don’t want that link taken into consideration whatsoever. You can disavow entire domains, which is what I typically, or you can disavow individual URLs. rolex replica

The way you do this, first, you need to use a tool to find all of these potentially spammy backlinks. The tool that I use is SEMrush. I think it’s the best tool for this particular job. I’m pretty sure you’ll need a paid subscription to do this, but you may be able to do it with a free trial account, if you aren’t already an SEMrush user. I recommend everybody use SEMrush, so you should probably be trying it out anyway.

What you want to do is set up a new backlink audit on your domain. It’ll run for a few minutes, and then it’ll give you a list of what it calls toxic backlinks. Each link in the list will be given a toxic score. What I typically do is I take a look at all the backlinks for domains that have a toxic score greater than 60. These are really the worst of the worst. What I’ll do is I’ll export those toxic domains to the disavow list. That’s essentially just an auto-generated text file that you can upload directly in Search Console. So it’s pretty nice. It’s a simple process if you have the right tools. Again, I really only recommend disavowing the worst of the worst backlinks. Again, those are the toxic scores over 60 are what I focus on.

I’ll put links to SEMrush and Google’s disavowal tool in the show notes, and they’ll be at jimlastinger.com/20. So be sure to take a look at those when you get a chance.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be back soon with another episode of Marketing In 10. Until then, take care guys.

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