EP 12: Google Ads Strategies for Lead-Gen Campaigns

campaigns google ads lead-gen podcast strategies Aug 18, 2020

Today on Marketing In 10, I’m talking about pay per click ads for lead-gen companies. The approach is slightly different than what you have for e-commerce companies. So, let’s talk through it.

Hey, everyone, it’s Jim Lastinger, back for another episode of Marketing In 10. I hope that you’re doing well, that you’re happy and healthy, and that everything’s going well for you and your business.

So today we’re talking about lead gen campaigns and how I handle Google Ads for lead gen. So, it’s no secret that we primarily focus on e-commerce companies here at Deep Field. That’s our specialty and that’s what we’re really good at. But we actually do quite a bit of work with lead gen companies as well. So, a lead gen company, I call it any company that is looking for signups, quotes, free trials, anything like that. Anything that doesn’t necessarily involve a purchase immediately, I kind of call that a lead gen campaign. These can be anyone from software as a service companies, to service providers, to local repair shops, anyone that needs client appointments, that would be a lead gen campaign.

So, the approach for all these types of campaigns is pretty much the same. There are a few primary differences between how you approach lead gen campaigns and Google Ads and how you would handle an e-commerce account. So obviously, the first thing is you don’t have Google shopping campaigns with lead gen. That’s kind of obvious, you don’t have products that you’re physically selling. And you also have different conversion goals. Since there’s not a purchase conversion that you use, you have to figure out what makes sense for you and figure out how to track that, whether it’s a free trial request, a demo request. So, for instance, if you know that your average customer will earn you a thousand dollars and that 25% of your clients will turn into customers or 25% of your leads will turn into customers, you can kind of back into what each conversion is worth. So essentially, that’s the value of each individual lead.

So, from a strategic standpoint, the biggest difference is that you’re wanting to create an impression with your visitors. It’s important to keep your service and your brand top of mind. So, remarketing campaigns, YouTube campaigns are extra important here because you really need to maximize the value of each of those clicks and keep your brand top of mind. On e-commerce campaigns, you would have something like a shopping campaign that’s going to… There’s a little bit of remarketing involved with that so it’s going to keep showing your products to people over time. But you don’t have that with lead gen campaigns so you have to focus on other methods.

Here’s how I typically structure a lead gen account. So first, you’ll always want a branded search campaign. That’s a small, simple campaign that only targets your brand and name keywords. And I plan on dedicating an episode of the podcast to branded search campaigns in the near future. So, stay tuned for a little bit more on that.

You’ll also want to have your main search campaign. So, this is where you’ll do your keyword research and figure out what types of keywords your customers are using to describe your service. All of your different products, services, et cetera, will be covered in this primary search campaign. And the same best practices that we’ve talked about before for account structure will apply here too. I like lots of different ad groups with a very narrow focus so that you can continue to write better, more cohesive ad copy.

So, the next campaign that you would have, it’s optional, but it’s something that I recommend. If you don’t have a well known brand but have competitors that are relatively well known, then I recommend having a dedicated campaign advertising on competitors brand keywords. So, target competitor brand names. That’s a good way to get traffic when you don’t really know what keywords to target yourself, you can kind of capitalize on the brand prowess of the other competitors. This topic also deserves its own episode in the future. So, I’ll add that to the list and discuss it in detail again.

And finally you’ll want some sort of remarketing, whether it’s a basic display remarketing campaign or on YouTube, these are very valuable and very effective for lead gen companies, almost essential. Okay. So, that’s the basic account structure that I would start with. You’ll have your branded search campaign, you’ll have your primary search campaign, which is all of your product and service type keywords and then you’ll have a competitor keyword campaign, and then you’ll have your remarketing campaign. So, I would do a display remarketing campaign and a YouTube campaign if you have some video assets that you can use. So, that’s what I would start with. As with every account, you’ll evolve and grow, and you might want to split your main search campaigns into multiple campaigns for one reason or another, but that’ll kind of become more apparent as you gather data.

That’s all I have for today. If you’re a lead gen company, then hopefully this will help you get pointed in the right direction. And if you want help with your lead gen campaigns, then feel free to reach out to me. The best way to do that is to go to my agency site at deepfieldinc.com and just start a chat there and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Take care, everyone. Talk to you soon.

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