Ep 11: Google Ads VS Microsoft Advertising

advertising google ads microsoft podcast Aug 06, 2020

Usually on Marketing in 10 when I talk about pay-per-click I’m specifically talking about Google ads. But there are other options out there. So today we’re talking about the biggest Google ads alternative, and that’s Microsoft advertising.

Hey everyone, it’s Jim Lastinger. Hope you’re doing well. I’ve got a little bit of a shorter episode for you today. We’re going to talk really quickly about Google ads versus Microsoft Advertising.

Here at Deep Field we’re experts with Google ads. It’s what most people use most advertising dollars in the pay-per-click industry go through Google ads. I’ve personally managed millions of dollars in ad spend there over the years. And certainly Google ads is what people think about when they’re thinking about pay-per-click. But it’s actually not the only game in town. Microsoft Advertising, used to be called Being Ads, is worth taking a look at, I spent some time this morning trying to nail down the market share split between Google and Microsoft, and couldn’t really find anything definitive, but just based on accounts that I’ve managed, it seems to be in the range of 70 to 90% for Google and 10 to 30% for Microsoft, so that’s ad spend. So it’s going to vary a bit by industry, but either way, it’s a decent chunk of additional traffic that you might be able to target with Microsoft Advertising.

So what are the differences between Google ads and Microsoft advertising? Well, it’s not many. They’re very, very similar. The biggest difference is that you can’t run YouTube campaigns and Microsoft ads, for obvious reasons. And other than that, campaign types are very similar. The audience for Microsoft ads tends to skew a bit older. So if you have a product or service that really targets the 35 and older crowd than you’ll definitely want to give Microsoft Advertising a shot.

Using Microsoft Advertising or migrating your Google campaigns over to Microsoft is very, very simple. Microsoft has an import tool that you can use, and you can set it up to import on a schedule. And that’s what I like to do when I start off a new campaign on Microsoft is I’ll just have it import all the campaigns from Google ads over on a daily basis. Once you’re up and running and you’ve built up a bit of historical data, you can decide whether you want to continue just using the import and sync approach from Google ads, or if you want to start managing it as a completely separate channel. I’ve done both and both approaches work well in different cases.

So to summarize, with Microsoft ads you can expect pretty similar performance to what you’d get with Google. It’s essentially just adding more traffic and expanding your base a bit. It can be as easy to manage as you want it to be with that import feature, and I recommend every advertiser try it if you have the budget. You’re not always going to have the extra budget for another channel, but if you do, you definitely want to give Microsoft a shot.

That’s all I have for today. Please take a minute to leave a rating and review for the show so we can continue to grow and get better. My goal is to serve as many people as possible, and your ratings and reviews definitely help with that. I’ll be back soon with another episode of Marketing in 10, and we’re going to be talking about branded search campaigns in Google ads. Until then, have a great day and take care.

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